How Can We Help?

How Can Pivotal Captive Consulting, LLC Help? 

The captive insurance business is complex, as there are many requirements and regulations that have to be met. As CPAs, we are careful to stay on the right side of the IRS, and we will only recommend proceeding if a legitimate captive can be formed which meets your risk management needs and your tax reduction and wealth preservation objectives. After a brief phone consultation to determine if a Captive is potentially appropriate, Pivotal Consulting will:

  • Provide a free feasibility assessment in cooperation with your CPA/CFO/Attorney.
  • Guide you in establishing a Captive Insurance Company which will provide you with the maximum insurance and tax benefits achievable.
  • Advise in your selection of an appropriate captive management company and a domicile.
  • Coordinate with the manager to issue policies and administer the Captive over time.
  • Assist in the development of an investment program optimize the growth of equity within the Captive.

There is no charge to you for our advice and consulting. Should you decide to proceed, we have arranged with a number of captive management companies to share in the same fees that you would pay if you went to them directly. Therefore, it is in our interest as well as yours to quickly determine if the necessary criteria are met, and if so, whether you would like our continued assistance to plan and execute your captive strategy. Call today for your consultation.

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