About Us

About Us

Pivotal Captive Consulting works directly with clients or with professionals along with their clients, to assess the feasibility and plan the design and implementation of captive insurance companies.

The directors of the firm, Robert Bertucelli, Roger Ciacco, and Frank Sluter are CPAs active in the financial services community.  They have expertise in the growing area of Alternative Risk Management and have been directly involved in the creation and management of numerous Captives, providing the technical information required at each stage of the process.

Robert Bertucelli served as a tax professor at LI University for over 30 years, in addition to being a partner in a CPA firm.  Bob has published articles and conducted seminars and webinars on the subject of captive insurance, focusing on educating CPAs and attorneys who are not familiar with this strategy.

In Bob’s words, “The Captive Insurance Company planning strategy should be included in all closely-held business financial consulting.  The benefits are too numerous to list and the professionals who are bringing this concept to their clients are viewed as the cutting-edge of their profession.  We look forward to providing the tools and information for all professionals to appreciate the concept and to recommend it to their clients that may benefit from its use.”

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